About Us

A brief history about Ponderosa Disposal in Epsom, New Hampshire

With over 30 years in the business we have a long-standing reputation in our community and in Central New Hampshire. It all began back in 1984; below is a time line of Ponderosa Salvage...

1984-We started buying and selling cars and trucks on a part time basis. We also became specialized in scrapping cars and trucks.

1988-The scrapping business became a full time venture. We acquired our 1st ramp truck to haul scrap in a better manner for our growing customer base.

1990-We became licensed for an on-site salvage yard

1992-We purchased our 1st roll off truck, an excavator, a car crusher, and several containers to service our larger customer base. We also began renting our equipment to several municipal and private transfer stations in the area.

2001-We became licensed for an on-site transfer station.

Today, We have a fleet of dumpsters for rent, several roll-off trucks, and several excavators. We have ventured out of the car business and now focus on renting roll off containers in Central NH and providing tire recycling services.